Prospecting for new adventures

Just a short update…

We left Martinique for a change of climate and scenery and decided to go to the US. Our main targets were some national parks (better visited off-season) and some friends along the road. We agreed with Paul to change his plans from going to Galapagos to going to Disneyland, a lame trade off, but because he can’t swim yet and as half of Galapagos fun is about snorkeling, he accepted. So far we drove about 3600 miles (about 5000 km) and seen almost the entire US west coast, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas, some of Route 66, friends and family, so yeah, we were busy the last weeks.

As usual, photos and the full story, will come soon but here’s a teaser:

DSC02448DSCF0770 DSCF0766 DSCF0817 DSCF1127 DSCF0907 DSCF0936